Malaika celebrates in ‘see-through’ style!


Malaika Arora is one of the most sensuous beauties in India. Even though she is above 40 years of age, the actress seems to be glowing with age rather than growing old. The actress has recentky decided to part ways from her husband due to differences and she looks completely in fun mode to enjoy the life.

In August, she got many wishes from her fans as the Internet wrongly updated the date and she had to correct that to October 23. The actress is seen with her family and close friends, celebrating her birthday week with sun blazing on her, increasing her glow.

You can see her in this picture in a complete see through dress, enjoying the sun and soaking all the beauty to exert some of it. She is definitely growing by the day and we would like to know her secret for sure. Malaika-Arora