The Man behind Gabbar Singh forgotten!


Allu-Arjun-DJ-First-LookAllu Arjun has only stirred a hornet’s nest by making the ‘Cheppanu Brother’ remark. Despite a detailed explanation by him, Pawan Fans began targeting him deliberately since then.

The rising number of Dislikes for ‘DJ – Duvvada Jagannadham’ Teaser has only been making everyone believe few issues remained unresolved. While no. of views reached 3.9 Million-mark, Likes & Dislikes stood at 93,000 and 77,000 respectively, leaving a short margin of 16,000.

Were Pawan Fans behind the huge number of Dislikes? If so, They have completely forgotten that the movie belongs to Harish Shankar who is behind a much-needed blockbuster ‘Gabbar Singh’ for Powerstar. At least, They should have been indebted to the Director and refrain from creating more hurdles for DJ.