Manchu Manoj in Mega Star Controversy


Manchu-Manoj-in-Mega-Star-CThe virtual rift between Manchu and Mega family is pretty much known to one and all of us. Every time when Manchu family gets a chance to take a dig at Mega Star Chiranjeevi, they never lose so. This time, what ever might be the good or bad intention of manchu manoj but few of his posts on Twitter are raking a bad controversy. Into the issue, manchu manoj is miffed by the current happenings in State under the influence of Central Government.

‘I have question for all of us. How to become a top politician even after people rejecting??? Please answer practically. It doesn’t matter who … I’m just asking because I’m one among u who is confused with the way things r going. Can’t believe one politician from center playing with our life left right centre. All we r doing is sit and watch like it’s a TV program.’

It doesn’t need rocket science brilliance to know, who is the politician rejected by people and who is that one politician in center. Now, let us see how Mega Fans react because these are the times Mega Star is really playing clever politics in center and state.