Manchu Vishnu’s opinion on reviews


Manchu-VishnuManchu Vishnu is a known face in Tollywood and he predominantly works in Telugu movies. He has been a Producer and a director too. He started his career as a child artist in 1985 with the movie ‘Ragile Gundelu’.

Later he started his own production house 24 Frames Factory. His father Mohan Babu is also a famous name in Tollywood. The actor has acted in some renowned movies which are critically acclaimed as well as commercial entertainers too.

However, his last release ‘Dynamite’ remained as Box-Office dud. The movie faced lots of negative criticism and few reviews were even harsh as they just provided the movie one star. Regarding these reviews and ratings, Manchu Vishnu says,

“Not all movies end up as blockbusters. A true movie lover will never watch a movie only if it is a blockbuster. All movies should be encouraged, else soon there would be no good movie and we will lose creativity.  If you look at history, some dumb movies have made Box-Office records. But that doesn’t mean it is a good one. Ratings are an individual perspective not a collective one. So go out, watch the movie for yourself and then you judge us.”