Manjula, The Heroine Of Balakrishna!


This would have been our opening statement for news stories had the director and producer, Manjula, daughter of Krishna, could get her wish of acting in films.

She wanted to carry the acting legacy of Superstar Krishna as an actress after her brothers, Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu, debuted. Mahesh first acted in films as a child actor, at the age of 6 years.

Manjula, got an opportunity to act with Balakrishna in her debut film, in the direction of SV Krishna Reddy.

After No.1, Krishna accepted the director’s proposal and Manjula too jumped at the possibility of a big movie launch.

The actor-turned-producer-turned-director recently, talked about the opportunity promoting her film, ‘Manasuku Nacchindi’. She said, “Few people in masks came to Padmalaya Office and in front of my father, said they will commit suicide, if he doesn’t say that I won’t act in films.

“My father asked me and as he couldn’t let them die, he announced that I won’t act in films. In the beginning, I rebelled against it and acted in a Tamil movie but as they did not want me to act in skin showing glamour roles, they tried to stop me. They took me as their own sister and even though I don’t support their view point, I respected their love and withdrew my passion towards acting,” said Manjula.

But she made her acting debut in Telugu, in Show, which became a success and the film won a National Award for screenplay for director, Neelakanta.