Manoj’s Film Takes Advantage of Controversy


Okkadu-Migiladu-Censor-RepoControversies always make movies work at the box office. Sometimes they create a special interest in the movies but sometimes they also generate a poor buzz. Most of the time, the films only get benefited with the controversies. We have seen the same in the case of Arjun Reddy and the recently released Mersal. Now the same is happening around the Bollywood film Padmavati.

Coming to our latest Telugu film Okkadu Migiladu, the people inside the film industry are expecting that a controversy will hit the film. The film is based on the Srilankan civil war and Manoj is seen as LTTE Prabhakaran. As there is a war that happened between LTTE gang and Rajeev Gandhi, the film is expected to project LTTE Prabhakaran and throw Rajeev Gandhi in poor light. The Congress leaders are expecting doubts regarding the same and the party senior leader Pongaleti Sudhakar Reddy also made a statement regarding the same.

Pongaleti has clearly stated that he and his party members will not spare the film unit if they have projected Rajeev Gandhi in poor light. It looks like this controversy will also help Okkadu Migiladu to gain some buzz at the box office.