Manoj’s ‘Hot’ Comment on Shriya on Stage


Gayatri-pre-release-eventSpeaking at the audio launch event of his father, Mohan Babu’s new film, ‘Gayatri’, Manoj Manchu has made a comment on actress Shriya which seemingly made both himself and the guests awkward.

Calling himself a huge fan of Shriya for a long time, Manoj said that she looked very ‘hot’ in Gayatri. There was a moment of silence from the crowd, who had been cheering until then when Manoj probably slipped his tongue while expressing his admiration for the ageless diva.

Poor choice of words while addressing guests and crowd at public functions occasionally lands stars in ’embarrassing’ zone and Manoj visibly found himself in such situation. Realizing his slip of tongue, Manoj tried to cover it by calling his statement, ‘biscuit’.

On music director Thaman, who composed Gayatri’s music, giving a miss to the audio launch event, Manoj said that he was tired of dieting and hence couldn’t make it. He added that Thaman gave wonderful music to Gayatri.