Married Tollywood Hero Affair with Anchor


Heroine AffairThe latest rumor hearsays in the Tollywood film industry is one of the Telugu top hero celebrity, who is having huge female fans has an affair with a Telugu anchor.

It is said to be they are in live-in relationship with each other from days. According to reports, the hero is a married guy and even has two kids. Presently, the actor is staying away from his family and spending time with that anchor.

The buzz is that the top hero is continuing his relation with the anchor even though the rumors are spreading. It is really a shocking news to all his fans how this hero left his wife, kids and spending with her though it is common in film industry.

There will be some ups and downs in the married life. She is very loyal to the hero; even there are downs in his life. All her well-wishers and friends hope for the hero to come back into her life.