Maruthi’s Romance fate?


romanceFilm maker maruthi who became the most attractive name in Tollywood with youth loving films ‘Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop’ and ‘Prema Katha Chithram’ is not at all a worried man when it comes to negative reviews and severe lethal blows from critics at his newly released ‘Romance,’ directed by ‘Darling Swamy’ with Prince, Dimple and Manasa as main faces.

Despite ‘Romance’ getting a bad feedback and atrocious mouth talk, movies sailed smooth with plenty of profits for producers (Good Cinema Group and maruthi Media House). Inner sources say that, they will pocket anything between than 3 to 5 crores depending upon the fate of next releases. If at all, ‘AD, 1000 Abaddalu, Adda’ will be pushed to corner searching for new dates, till then it is ‘Box Office Romance’ for maruthi.

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