Masala 9 Days Collections


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Rehman (Ram) lives in Hyderabad with his sister Sania (Anjali). They loose their ancestral property in a civil case. MS Narayana, a well wisher and family friend advices and convinces them to move to his place Bheemarajavaram where he assures Rehaman a job under his boss Balaram (venkatesh), who is a kind -hearted  man yet powerful. At certain point, Rehaman tends to lie that there is brother for him too. Rest deals with how he manages dual life by using tricks.

Ram’s performance was good. His character as Rehaman in a gay role is humorous.  Venkatesh looks usual in his powerful sturdy look. Jayaprakash Reddy and MS Narayana did their part well. Anjali looks too gloomy in her character. Shajan Padamsee did justice to her character.

Masala Total Collections is : 12.54 Crores