Mass Maharaja Taking Triple Care About AAA?


Ravi Teja, the actor turned into Mass Maharaja with his consistent efforts and constant hard work. As they say, even good things repeated will get boring, Ravi Teja even though plays his characters with high energy, had to face routine tag and his films failed over the years.

So, he took gap of two years and re-presented himself as a blind man in Raja The Great. Movie became a hit but then his next two films, Nela Ticket and Touch Chesi Choodu, followed same old pattern and became huge disasters.

Nela Ticket did not even come up with a good opening number. So, the actor is now constantly in the ear of director Srinu Vaitla, it seems.

He is clarifying any small doubt and even not leaving a simple regular one shot to chance it seems.

For Srinu Vaitla, after Mister which is a huge disaster, this is huge chance to prove himself again. In the movie, Ileana is also making a comeback.

With the movie being so important to all these involved, Ravi Teja is taking triple care about the movie, it seems.