Mass + Manmathudu + King = Akhil’s Film!


Akhil-debut-Film(1)As we reported earlier Akkinenis scion Akhil’s highly expected untitled movie is hitting the screens in the month of December. It was also reported that December is the luckiest month for King Nagarjuna, who scored some solid blockbusters in this season.

Nagarjuna’s ‘Mass’ and ‘Manmadhudu’ got blockbuster and super hit statuses respectively while his ‘King’ scored decent business at the ticket windows then. Co-incidentally, all these movies got released between 20th and 25th of December in different years. Akhil’s film is presumed to be releasing in the same dates of this year.

As we all know, Akhil has got star status even before the release of his debut movie and thanks to the power of Akkineni dynasty in Tollywood. As the movie has generated unimaginable hype among the trade people, obviously, sky is the limit for his debut film’s collections. It’s not an exaggeration to say the status of the movie maybe on par with the status of the above three movies collectively (Mass + Manmadhudu + King) which got released in the month of December. Wish that the movie hits the bulls eye for sure.