Who masturbated in front of Vidya Balan?


Vidya-Balan-in-Meena-KumariVidya Balan recently shared about a disturbing incident of a Man masturbating in front of her on a local train.

During her college days, Vidya Balan used to travel on local trains frequently. While she was returning from college, A Man boarded the Women’s Compartment of the train. When the women asked him to go out as it was reserved for Ladies, He claimed ignorance and promised to get off in the next station. Instead of getting down at the next station, He stood at the entrance of the compartment and came back again after the door was closed. Then, He opened his pant zip & began masturbating right in front of all the women.

Then, Vidya Balan hit the Man with the book he had in her hand & dragged him to the door of the compartment by getting hold of his collar. Frightened by the unexpected turn of events, The Man jumped out of the train soon after reaching the next station. Vidya says she would have died on that day had if the next station was far away.