What is the meaning of Ballaya Stumper?


What-is-the-meaning-of-Ballaya-StumperThe movie Paisa Vasool team has recently launched a campaign, #NBKFEVER101, on Social Media, kick starting the promotions of the movie. As part of this, they announced to release, Ballaya101 Stumper, 28th of July. Fans are confused and excited about this stumper. They are saying, we have heard about teaser, trailer but what does the team mean by Stumper? Well, the team has come with an explanation for this Stumper.

Many thought may be this could be a teaser but the team has made it clear that this is not a teaser or a trailer. Rather it is something in-between them. The team released a video, to explain what is Stumper. They clarified that Stumper means, ‘Teaser ka Baap’ and ‘Trailer ka Beta’. The video looks highly stylish and it will release at 10:12 AM on 28th July.

Puri Jagannadh who is known for his stylish makeovers, is being praised for the new getup of Balakrishna in the movie. The team has released few posters and snaps from the movie, featuring Balakrishna in his stylish avatar. The movie is planned for a release on 29th of September.