Meenakshi Thapa’s murder case: The Court finds two Bollywood Junior artists guilty for brutal murder of aspiring actress


Meenakshi Thapa had met the two accused on the sets of Kareena Kapoor Khan-starrer Heroine. They kidnapped her, demanded ransom Rs 1.50 million from her mother. When they failed to pay, they beheaded her. This incident happened in 2012 and the headless body of Meenakshi was found in a water tank in Allahabad nearly a month after the murder.

Two Bollywood junior artists- Amit Kumar Jaiswal (41) and Alveena alias Preeti Surin (32) were found guilty of murder, criminal conspiracy and destruction of evidence. The Mumbai Sessions Court, held Amit Kumar Jaiswal and Alveena guilty for the horrific murder of aspiring actress Meenakshi Thapa. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said that after examining all the evidence and witnesses, the court found them guilty.

According the prosecution, Amit Kumar Jaiswal and his girlfriend, Preeti, lured Meenakshi Thapa on the pretext of an attracting modeling-cum-acting assignment. Meenakshi also claimed that she hailed from a very affluent family. She made her acting debut in 2011 with a horror film 404. Later Meenakshi visited on the sets of Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Heroine and expressed her desire to make a career in films.

Amit and Preeti planned to kidnap her to demand ransom from her family. They told her about a Bhojpuri movie assignment and asked her to accompany them to Gorakhpur. They boarded a train from Mumbai and got down at Allahabad. After reaching Allahabad, they held Meenakshi Thapa hostage and made a ransom demand of Rs 1.50 million from her mother.

On 13th March 2012, they beheaded Meenakshi Thapa and threw the body in a septic tank. While returning to Mumbai, they threw the actress’s head