Mega Family Blessings Not Working Out


Kriti-KharbandaGeneral sentiment believed in film circles is that, whenever mega family heroes bless a particular heroine, she will reach places. That happens only if mega heroes give them back to back chances. It happened with the likes of Kajal, Tamanna and Amala Paul earlier. Still, they are not working out for one particular lady.

Kannada beauty Kriti Kharbanda has stunned everyone when she bagged the when she bagged the role of Pawan Kalyan’s heroine in “Teenmar”. Unfortunately that film failed to give her any stardom, while the film itself is a commercial failure. Her fortunes are expected to change with the sister role she played in “Bruce Lee”, but at the end it turned to be a damp squib. The role wasn’t properly etched and Kriti didn’t have much scope to showcase her acting talents also. That way, mega blessing didn’t worked out for her twice.

Meanwhile, Kriti is happy that the film at least got some mixed reviews while her earlier films are declared utter flops on day one itself.