Mega fans serious on Allu Arjun!


Allu-ArjunOne of the top heroes from Mega compound in Allu Arjun. He recently attended RudhramaDevi success meet held at Dasarinarayana Rao house along with other team members. A press conference was held at this event in which Dasari made some statements targeting Bruce Lee film and indirectly to Mega Power star. Dasari himself initiated this success meet and invited Rudramadevi team and press persons.

It looked like Dasari arranged it specially to target Mega family. Recently we heard that many are raising their voice against Bruce Lee getting released just in a week from RudhramaDevi release saying that it will impact collections on this huge budget film. Dasari also targeted Bruce Lee during this press meet saying that Ram Charan is not caring about industry and releasing him film even knowing that a huge budget film will get impacted by it. Allu Arjun is also present at this event and he not objected Dasari or said anything about it. Bunny being calm and not opposing Dasari at this press meet is what making Mega fans angry at him.