Mega Heroes? Had Seen Mega Mega Heroes: Jayasudha


Jayasudha essayed the role of Mahesh Babu’s Mother in ‘Maharshi’. In the past, She has played Mother to Ram Charan and Allu Arjun as well.

In a recent interview, Jayasudha was asked what is the difference she noticed between Mahesh Babu and Mega Heroes. Then, She asked, ‘Mega Heroes…Who are they?’. Then, The Anchor pointed out the Stars in Chiranjeevi’s Family. Quickly, Jayasudha said: ‘Media, Fans and Producers treat them as Mega Heroes but we just look at them as Co-Artists and there won’t be any special treatment. We have seen much more Mega Megas, from NTR’s era to till date. On a film set, You’re just an Actor. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to Mega Family or some other Family. Anybody has to bow down before the Camera. We just focus on how they are performing as only Acting makes them heroes. You’re nobody on the set, just the character you’re playing on that day. A Film don’t work if you can’t do justice to the role’.

Sahaja Nati discloses that she has seen Mega Heroes who remain humble inspite of their background and those Heroes who show attitude inspite of not having Godfather. ‘If Ram Charan comes to the sets, We don’t see the difference between him and Chiru. Focus will be on how he acts and how he behaves. Even if it’s Mahesh, We don’t see him from Krishna’s angle. If I play a Mother role, I feel like a Mom after 2-3 days or else we can’t perform,’ she said.

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