Mega Heroine Feels The Damage


Mega Heroine Feels The DamageMega heroine Amala Paul, who is famous for her Naayak and Iddarammayilatho has the felt the aftershocks of her stunning statement, fearing which she retracted her words. But the damage is already done, and this might cost her a little for now.

It is already known that Amala stated that she isn’t bothered about a hero when the script and her role in a particular movie are interesting. Regarding her acceptance of Ramesh Varma’s Vasta Ne Venuka with Havish in the lead, Amala made these comments. However, it is projected in the media that her comments are blown out of proportion saying that she doesn’t cares about the hero, the actress said. ‘I’m seriously condemning how my words are interpreted in the media. I said about script and my role, but it is not that hero is unimportant to me’, says Amala Paul, crying foul. But the damage is already done, as most film makers understood what this dusky Mallu siren’s intention is.

Cine analysts stated that for most of heroines coming to Tollywood, it is pay cheque that is really matters but not these script and roles. We have seen the likes of Ileana, Tamanna, Kajal and Trisha to some extent, who charged around a crore just for five hot songs and few scenes. Even Amala is doing the same, but the fact is that she doesn’t want that to get exposed.