Mega Ruckus: Gunasekhar’s Daughter Throws Clarity


Gunasekhar-DaughterEver since director Dasari Narayana Rao asked “Bruce Lee” not to give a tough competition to a historical film like “Rudhramadevi”, he has rubbed on the wrong side of mega fans yet again. Lashing out at Dasari, some fans have targeted both Gunasekhar and his wife Ragini, who happens to be producer of Rudhrama.

Mega fans started attacking as to why Gunasekhar is voicing his words through Dasari, rather himself asking Ram Charan straightly for a favor. Some accused, ‘how far it is justifiable to ask Bruce Lee to postpone after using Megastar’s voice for the film and cashing on it?’. Reacting on the whole happenings, Gunasekhar’s daughter Neelima gave a honest reply for the mega ruckus going on.

“Megastar’s voiceover is lauded as a great asset to our film and we are forever indebted. Stop the ruckus. As told by Dasari Garu himself today, it is he who saw the film and wanted to speak about it. We didn’t approach anyone. Please stop trying to misunderstand everything and continue to support both (read Rudhrama and Bruce Lee)”, Neelima said.

As this happens to be a holiday season, probably Rudhramadevi will not have much of affect of Bruce Lee while facts remains same that it has to lose some theatres.