Mega Star to play Abdul Kalam?


Abdul-Kalam-and-Amitabh-BacIn an attempt to pay rich tribute to People’s President and India’s Missile Man Dr Abdul Kalam, award-winning filmmaker Nila Madhab Panda is going to direct a biopic of Dr Kalam. Interestingly, Panda shot to fame with ‘I Am Kalam’ that brought him National Award. Now taking this to new level, Panda decided to make a biopic of Kalam in order to tell Kalam’s story on screen so that it would reach larger section of people.

“Dr Kalam is no more. What best we could do is that his message be carried forward and make his vision into reality. I’ve already started working on the script,” said Nila Madhab.Ask him who would suit the role? “I can’t think of anyone else other than Mr Amitabh Bachchan. He is apt to play such an iconic role on screen. Only he has that capability to pull off character and stature to  play Dr Kalam on screen,” he added.

Kalam’s life is great inspiration to many. Despite several achievements, he lived a simple life. If his story is told on silver screen, definitely it is going to motivate many other youths towards scientific research and defence technology. What say folks? Now the ball is in Big B’s court.