Megastar did what Bahubali couldn’t!


Khaidi-No-150-CollectionsThere is an interesting quote to become the ‘BEST’..”To be the best, You’ve got to beat the best”. That’s what Megastar started doing with this re-entry film ‘Khaidi No.150’. Bahubali records were considered to be untouchable.. and many predicted that only Bahubali-2 can break those records.  Everybody knows that it is tough to beat all the records of Bahubali immediately but Chiru started breaking it one by one.. and one such record in opening day collections record.

Surprisingly there is a Mega record which was untouched by even Bahubali. Chiru’s blockbuster ‘Indra’ collected life time share of 18 lakhs in Tuni, East Godavari.  This record was intact for the past 15 years… waiting for the Megastar.  Yes..Chiru has broken his record with his re-entry film Khaidi No.150. Khaidi went on to collect 18.74 lakhs in just 11 days setting a new record.

That’s the reason why he is called Megastar and undisputable number one hero of Telugu cinema.