Meher Ramesh offers Rs 20 Crores for Pawan


pawan-kalyan-meher-rameshOne of the luckiest directors in Tollywood is Meher Ramesh.The reason we say this is despite scoring some of the finest duds, Meher Ramesh got the privilege to work with the likes of Prabhas, Junior NTR, Venkatesh and others. Now, it is heard that he is gunning for none other than Pawan Kalyan.

According to sources, Meher Ramesh has reportedly prepared a sketch so that Pawan Kalyan can be approached and he is given a proposal.Pawan will be getting Rs 20 crores as remuneration as part of the package. It is heard that Meher Ramesh is doing some extensive lobbying to materialize this project.

But what remains to be seen is will Pawan oblige for that remuneration or will he back off looking at Meher Ramesh’s credentials? As such, no star hero has got this kind of remuneration. Apart from that, there are also the shares from the profits of the film. Well, only time will reveal Pawan’s decision.