Meher Ramesh to Direct Sunil


meher-ramesh-sunilThe bonding between power star Pawan Kalyan and his fans is very deep and intense. So, they are very sensitive towards his actions and decisions. It is heard that from the last two months they were very anxious and tensed about something but now they are all giving a big thanks to hero Sunil and say he has saved them.

According to reports, the tension for the power fans was from director Meher Ramesh. It is heard that after scoring a historic flop with ‘Shadow’ Meher Ramesh was targeting Pawan Kalyan and was trying to approach him through all channels. Sources say even a meeting also took place and Pawan might have said yes to Meher’s film.

But luckily, the latest update is that Meher Ramesh is going to start a new film with Sunil as the actor liked his line. With Sunil-Meher film almost confirmed fans of Pawan Kalyan are breathing a sigh of relief and are wholeheartedly thanking Sunil for protecting their power star. Maybe they might support Sunil’s next release then.