Michael Jackson sexually abused me for seven years


Michael-Jackson-sexually-abChoreographer Wade Robson has alleged that Michael Jackson would go at length to avoid getting caught while abusing children and that the late singer had an alarm installed outside his bedroom.
Robson had denied being molested by the late singer in Michael Jackson’s infamous 2005

child molestation trial but in a recent about turn, the choreographer filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate, alleging that Michael Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years as a child in 1990.
Robson, 30, has filed an amended complaint where he claims that the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson’s room.

Robson claims Michael Jackson also hung a Do Not Disturb sign on his bedroom door, TMZ reported. In the lawsuit, Robson claims he and Michael Jackson frequently shared a bed, Michael Jackson often showed him porn, he told Robson they loved each other but no one would understand and he needed to keep his mouth shut.

The choreographer claims he testified in favour of Jackson in 2005 because the singer had brainwashed him. Jackson’s estate has rubbished Robson’s claims as “outrageous” and an attempt to get money out of late singer’s estate.