Milky Beauty loves that experience?


Tamanna-in-OopiriMilky Beauty Tamannah is known for her stunning, sensuous and erotic glamour treat. Movie lovers cannot forget her beauty treat in films like Baahubali, Oopiri, Abhinetri etc.She is now getting ready to entertain movie lovers with Baahubali The Conclusion.

Milky Beauty speaking to scribes said more than the results of her films, she loves that experience. She says hits and flops are not permanent and so why should one bother about them. She added happy atmosphere prevail when film turns out to be a hit and gloom prevails when film flops.

She added she hates to stop with it and would love to see new result and added this could be her winning secret. She says she will forget the results of the films easily but the experiences behind the results will be always in her memoirs.