He missed chance to produce Arjun Reddy


Raj-KandukuriThe concept of luck is very tricky. We don’t know when, how and in what way we can get lucky. Even though we have confidence in something, we can’t predict the result accurately. Sometimes we reject the opportunities even though we knew that they would lead us to success. The top most producer of Tollywood is currently going through this phase.

Character artist turned producer Raj Kandukuri worked as co-producer for Pelli Choopulu movie. He received National Awards for his work. Initially, the most happening movie of Tollywood Arjun Reddy came to him. Director Sandeep narrated the script a year ago to Raj Kandukuri. Because of some other commitments the producer decline this project.

But now Arjun Reddy became a sensational industry hit and is making fortunes to the producers. Though Raj declines the offer to produce the film, he said that the movie will become a huge hit and will be the trend setter like Shiva movie. The producer is hoping that the entire Arjun Reddy team will keep making outstanding movies like this.