Missing Elements of ‘Baahubali’ Available in ‘Rudhramadevi’


Prabhas-wishes-RudhramadeviThe monumental success of ‘Baahubali’ at the global level is still reverberating and makes Telugu people keeping their heads high.Even this ‘Pride of Tollywood’ has flaws of its kind. The movie might have been made as a visual extravaganza on the celluloid. Yet again, the movie lacks depth in story, not so well finished melodrama and no glamour show by the most glamorous Sweety Anushka. Of course the movie faced brickbats for not portraying the heroism properly.

Incidentally, Gunasekhar’s masterpiece ‘Rudhramadevi’ appears to be possessing all the elements which have been missed in ‘Baahubali’. Technically, the movie is no way compared to ‘Baahubali’. But then, much priority was given to the story rather VFX. The director indulged in extensive research work on the biography of ‘Rudhramadevi’ and history of Telugu People before penning the script.

Having gone through the trailers and teasers of the movie it is understood that Anushka’s role was not just confined for performance but she excelled in glamour show of the movie. And then, buzz also says that Stylish Star Allu Arjun has come up with an ultimate best performance as Gona Gannareddy with powerful dialogues and ferocious looks and so is the case with Rana in his Chalukya Veerabhadra role. As such, both these heroes promise us the best heroism in the movie. All in all, ‘Rudhramadevi’ appears to be the nice blend of all commercial elements despite it being a typical genre of historical entertainer.