Model-actress Sonika Chauhan dies in road accident


Sonika-Chauhan-dies-in-road-accidentModel-actress Sonika Chauhan passed away in a horrible road accident on Saturday morning when the car she was travelling in with friend, actor Vikram Chatterjee, hit the divider and climbed the pavement on Rashbehahi Avenue. Bystanders who heard the crashing noise rushed to the spot and brought the couple out of the car, a Toyota Corolla Altis, which had been completely wrecked in the accident. Sonika and Vikram were rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival around 5 am. Vikram, who reportedly sustained head injuries, was released from hospital initially but had to be admitted later when he complained of discomfort.

Sonika, a top city model, had been a part of many memorable ad shoots and had recently made a name for herself as emcee and sports anchor. Apart from Kolkata, she was also working out of Mumbai on various assignments.