What Is Mohan Babu Caste?


Manchu-ManojManchu family members are known for their frank talk.  Whenever they come across criticism they come up with perfect answers.  Mohan Babu has done this several times in the past.  He never gives importance to caste.  Mohan Babu’s younger son Manoj proved the same recently.

Manchu Vishnu posted a photograph of himself with his father Mohan Babu which was taken during the shoot of ‘Alludugaru’ in 1990.  A netizen asked a question ‘Mohanbabu Choudary or Naidu?’.  He tagged Manchu Manoj to the question as well.  Manoj answered ‘Muslim’. A netizen asked Manoj that ‘Aadu adiginghi caste ga religion cheppaventi bhayya?’   Then Manoj replied that ‘Vatti rendityki pedha thedaledhu brotheru, Manam Indians … Ayina anthaku minchi manam Manishulam.. ‘Mana Kulam Premikulam.” Manoj’s answer is getting huge appreciation from the netizens.

It is really sad that people are asking caste of legends like Mohan Babu.  Is it right? Can we confine them to a single caste?  Legends like NTR.. Chiranjeevi.. Mohan Babu.. represent all Telugus.  It is pathetic that we are attaching caste tag to them.