Mohan Babu does a Pedarayudu in real life!


Mohan-BabuEven before Dasari’s body was consigned to flames we heard about property disputes at his home. The Veteran director’s elder daughter in law Suseela called for a press meet and expressed shock over her father-in-law’s sudden demise. Ms Suseela who has been staying away from husband Taraka Prabhu expressed doubts over Dasari’s death and said that she had met the director four days back and that he was okay then. She was shocked how his health deteriorated in less than a week’s time!

It is known that Dasari is survived by two sons and one daughter. He tried to see his sons in the industry but they could reach his expectations. Younger son Arun tried but could not see success as much as father liked him to. Elder son Taraka Prabhu shared differences from the beginning with his father and hearsay that his marriage did not get approval from parents!

However, it is not a successful marriage and Taraka Prabhu and Suseela have been staying separately now. But Suseela in the press meet said that her father in law promised to settle property to her as well.

Industry was shocked to see the lady’s impatience to call for press meet even before her father-in-law’s last rites!

Now it is learnt that one man got wild at Suseela’s act. Mohan Babu who treats Dasari as father figure could not let go and learnt to have summoned Suseela to his home. Mohan Babu gave her a coating of warning about showing respect to departed soul. He said to have asked her to wait before she came out public with allegations on the Dasari’s family! Now that’s Mohan Babu doing Pedarayudu in real life!