Mom Advices Tanish To Distance Deepthi


Bigg Boss 2 proceedings has been getting interesting day-by-day. In the recent episode, Contestants got the opportunity to speak with their family members. That is when Mothers took the responsibility to guide their Sons in the right direction.

Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina’s bromance in the House raised many eye-brows. They continue to cuddle and spend time in each other’s company inspite of repeated cautions from host Nani.

Though he have short-temper, Tanish doesn’t get angry even if Deepthi Sunaina mouths expletives and shows middle finger to him. He continues to pamper the Social Media Sensation and stays as close as possible to her.

When she got the chance to say few words, Tanish’s Mother asked his Son to stop pampering Deepthi Sunaina & stay away from her as his behaviour willn’t be appreciated by families who watch the show. Even Samrat’s Mother asked her Son to stop being a puppet to someone (Tejaswi) and focus on what he aimed to become by entering the Bigg Boss House.

Let’s see what these two Heroes would do in the coming days. Will they correct themselves or continue to do the same thing?