My Mom was upset when I stripped and kissed


Sana-Khan-Sana-Khan-MotherSana Khan has done few bold scenes in her Bollywood flick ‘Wajah Tum Ho’. Coming from a conservative family, It wasn’t easy for this Hottie to convince her Mother about what prompted her to shed her inhibitions.

Sharing how tough it was for her to get the nod from her Parents, Sana Khan said: ‘I might be broad-minded but no Parent would appreciate their daughter stripping onscreen. The situation is more or less similar for other actresses as well. Will Moms clap and cheer for their Daughters when a bold sequence is being canned? My Mother took time to accept the reality’.

Actually, Sana Khan’s Mother met Director of ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ to ask why he made her Daughter strip and make love on the screen. The Director explained to her that people who produced the erotic thriller wants it to be made in a certain way. Sana’s Mom even enquired if there is any possibility to chop the bold scenes.

While shooting the Love Making scene, Sana Khan made sure that only the Director, Cameraman and Trolley Guy were present in the room. There were times when the Director used to say that she isn’t fit for erotic scenes.