Most Wanted Terrorist Files Petition On Hindi Film


Hafiz-SaeedOne of the most wanted terrorists in the world, Hafeez Sayeed, the Pakistani culprit who’s responsible for 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, is now after an Hindi movie. He has filed a petition in Court to stop screening of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming “Phantom” through out Pakistan. This sounds like a joke but true.

It’s ridiculous that a most wanted terrorist in the world is able to file a petition in law of court to uphold the release of a movie. “Phantom” is an upcoming film directed by Kabir Khan, featuring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles. The film revolves around catching a top terrorist (read Hafeez Sayeed) in Pakistan itself and killing him in a special operation. Rather waging a war with Pak, why don’t we send a special team to assassinate that terrorist? That’s the point of this film.

“I’m not amused or surprised with this move, because anyway Pak would ban the film fearing that they are shown in bad light. But how come a terrorist approaches court?”, Saif Ali Khan laughs, responding about the happening. “Phantom” will hit cinemas on August 28th.