Movie With Title ‘Dil Raju’


dil-rajuThe moment you hear the name Dil Raju the only thoughts that come to your mind is, he is a well known producer, distributor in Tollywood and also has a strong grip over scripts and audience pulse. In a way, he is also a big celebrity in his league. But what happens when the same name becomes the title of a movie?

Don’t be surprised but now one film is coming and it is titled as Dil Raju with a tagline Dammunte Kasko. Apparently, this is the dubbed version of the Tamil movie Jigarthanda which became a massive hit in Kollywood. The film has the southern stud Siddharth in the lead along with the super talented Bobby Simha.

As such, the film revolves around an aspiring filmmaker so many are not sure how the name of Dil Raju would justify the storyline. Whatever it may be, one thing is clear. The very title is sufficient to create a good hype and buzz. But before that, have the makers taken an approval from the real Dil Raju? Only time will answer that.