Mumbai model posted her rape on facebook


Mumbai model accuses Hyderabad casting agent of rape, Mumbai model Firoz Vadgama accuses Hyderabad casting agent of rape, Firoz Vadgama accuses Hyderabad casting agent of rape

A well-known Mumbai-based model residing at Andheri West near Four Bungalows who was recently featured in Debonair magazine and has done hundreds of catalog and other print shoots has accused a Hyderabad-based casting agent of rape, via a post on her Facebook status. According to the victim, the casting agent convinced her to travel to Hyderabad on the pretext of signing her for a Telugu film. When she reached Hyderabad, he convinced her to share the same room with him and raped her, all the while trying to make it sound like it was the done thing and part and parcel of the “deal”.

He then told her that she had been selected for the movie and she should go back to Mumbai and return only when the film goes on floor. In her Facebook status update which she has requested everyone to share, the model also alleged that the concerned casting agent whom she named as Firoz Vadgama also conned her into having sexual relations with a so-called business tycoon (as she described the individual) from Hyderabad on the pretext of giving her contacts and connections in Bollywood in Mumbai. However, she later learnt from the business man that the casting agent had demanded a few lakh rupees from him in exchange for the model’s services.

Here is the text content of the victim’s Facebook status update

FIROZ VADGAMA, yes itz his name.

Hieght nearby 5’4″ to 5’5″, fat, fair in colour n curly hair.

Always ins his shirts.

Introduces himself as casting director for southmovies.

Promises all models that ll give break in telugu movies n anyhow make them ready to go hyderabad with him.

And stays with her in one room rapes her n still that model thinks that it happened by chance.

When hes fullfilled n satisfied with her body he again conveyence her to go back to mumbai by saying dat shes selected for a movie bt ll take tym till that she can go to mumbai. She trust s on her n go back. Hes game doesnt stops here. He again after sumdays sends a business tycoon from hyderabad n again conveyence dat gal dat hes having very good contacts in bollywood ll give u chance n dat gal again sleeps under dat tycoon.

After sumdays she cumsto know from the tycoon itself dat firoz wanted sum money in lakhs.

After that the foolish gal understood his whole game plan.

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