Murugadoss is fan of Mahesh Babu


mahesh-babu-MurugadossThere seems to be no end for the list of admirers of Mahesh Babu. We have seen so many Bollywood heroines expressing their wish to do a film with our superstar. Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Kangana Ranaut… the list goes on and on. Not only the heroines but also few renowned filmmakers are waiting for a chance to do a film with Mahesh.

Heroines admire Mahesh’s handsome looks, but the directors are in awe of his acting skills. Mahesh is on the wish list of almost all the top directors of Tamil cinema. Shankar, Maniratnam, Gautam Menon, Linguswamy, Vishnuvardhan, Hari and many others have been waiting to do a film with Mahesh.

The latest to join this admirers list is Murugadoss of Ghajini fame. Murugadoss confessed to media that he is a huge fan of Mahesh Babu and would love to do a film with him. “I am a very big fan of Mahesh. I want to do a film with him. Hope that will happen soon,” Murugadoss said. Mahesh is mostly working with Telugu directors. Somehow his plans to work with Tamil directors never turned true.

With none other than Murugadoss (who directed likes of Aamir Khan) openly stating to work with Mahesh, the moot question is will Mahesh take up the offer?