Murugadoss making her run in local trains


sonakshi-happyWe have informed long back that director AR Murugadoss is remaking Tamil movie “Mounaguru” in Hindi, by changing the hero centric script to heroine centric plot in this Hindi remake. The film is titled “Akira” and it has Sonakshi Sinha playing the lead.

After his latest Hindi hit ‘Holiday’, a remake of his own “Thupaki”, Murugadoss is executing another briliant script for which he made heroine Sonakshi Sinha travel through local trains, run and jump in them. Talkign about this, Sonakshi said, “Last time i travelled by local train was in college. And today for Aikra. The only difference is then it used to be crowded, now almost empty”.

Surprisingly, this film is remade as “Okkadine” featuring Nara Rohit ini Telugu, but has not seen light till date.