Music Director Affair with Heroine!


Heroine-AffairA popular music director is said to be having an affair with a young heroine in Telugu. Apparently, the duo’s closeness with each other at private parties and their private display of affection are giving rise to speculations that both are in a ‘deep’ relationship. However, not many know about this as both the musician and heroine have a different public image altogether.

Industry circles are abuzz with their bond. However, it is speculated that it is not a serious relationship but just a ‘time-pass’ affair.

The actress has earned quite a good name for her acting prowess but due to various reasons she is not making it to the top league. Whereas this is not first time, the music director is involved in such. Previous rumours have it that he was linked to another heroine.

The young heroine is apparently hoping that this music director may help her to get plum offers with stars as there is a dearth for star heroines in Telugu. But looks like she would realise soon that offers doesn’t come this way. Even insiders say that this ‘affair’ won’t last long.