‘My Body Language Is Too Hot’


Anu Emmanuel was born and brought up in America. Though she loves wearing sarees and eating Indian delicacies, The ‘Majnu’ Beauty wishes to be an American at heart.

In a recent interview, Anu Emmanuel said: ‘I might wear sarees and go to church, but My Body Language is very different from Indian Girls. The way I sit and walk doesn’t match with them. To say it frankly, It’s too hot. I am getting used to how Indian Girls behave’.

Anu Emmanuel is a very silent person and mostly prefers listening to what others say. She, however, don’t stop if at all she begins talking.

Character of Anu Emmanuel in ‘Shailaja Reddy Alludu’ is no way close to what she is in real life. She had to shout a lot in many sequences due to ego issues.

After getting busy in TFI, Anu Emmanuel wasn’t going to US frequently. She even have plans to buy a house for herself in Hyderabad.