My Dream Project in FOUR Parts: Rajamouli


RajamouliTFI’s Ace Filmmaker SS Rajamouli addressed students of IIT Madras in the Student Activity Center (SAC) auditorium in Chennai.

When asked about his dream project ‘Mahabharata’, Rajamouli said he needs at least 10 years experience to attempt such a vast subject and whenever it’s going to happen the film will be made in four parts. He further added ‘Mahabharata’ will most probably have a no starry cast as its impossible to have the dates of a Star for 6 years in a row. He justifies his decision by saying most of the actors in American TV Series ‘Game of Trones’ were debutants.

To an another question if he copies from Hollywood, Rajamouli did admit he did copied a lot but none of it was from his contemporaries. He reveals his Assistant Directors used to believe he is a genius whenever he narrated a scene from Hollywood movies in his early days as none of them have good command on english and they don’t even watch english movies. He also claims to have realised that Art itself is a copy after reading some good books and its just something which was developed from already existing work.