My Journey lasts for another 20 Years : Sunny Leone


Sunny-LeoneNo one expected Sunny Leone to survive for so long in Indian Film Industry. There was a time when people said that her career wouldn’t last for more than 2 years. Today, Sunny is confident of continue her career at least for another 20 years. ‘Nobody could stop me from scaling new heights. I am a hard worker who have the blessings of the God,’ she told.

Doing the special number in Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ means a lot to Sunny Leone. When she came to India, A lot of people were very rude to her and some of them even commented that nobody in India wants to work with her. Today, Things have changed a lot and people were very nice to her. Sunny Leone declares sharing screen space with Shahrukh Khan is a dream come true for her.

When quizzed about the new US President, Sunny Leone states Donald Trump mayn’t be a great individual but majority of the people in the country voted to him for a reason.