Naa Peru Surya Naa Target South


Times are changing and Telugu films are getting a huge reception from other language audiences as well. If we talk about Allu Arjun’s latest film ‘Naa Peru Surya- Naa Illu India’ the movie has targeted entire South now and Allu Arjun has ideal time for his movie release in the other states.

The movie has been dubbed into Malayalam as ‘Ente Peru Surya Ente Veedu India’. Allu Arjun enjoys wonderful craze among the Malayalam audience and he is fondly referred as Mallu Arjun. Usually, Malayalam films are slow and they like action entertainers like ‘Naa Peru Surya’ as they feel this kind of films different. The movie is releasing in a large number of theaters to cash on his craze in Kerala.

The movie is also dubbed into Tamil as ‘En Per Surya En Veedu India’. Tamil version will have a good advantage as there are no big Tamil films are releasing after the producers’ council called off their strike. As ‘Rangasthalam’ achieved good reception in Tamil Nadu, Allu Arjun film also have a chance to impress them.

Karnataka has always been a big market for Telugu films and Allu Arjun also enjoys good popularity in the Kannada state. ‘Naa Peru Surya’ Telugu version is releasing in the Karnataka.

On the whole, Bunny is covering entire South and he has an advantage in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. If the movie gets positive talk, it will surely strike gold at the box office.