Nag Disappoints in Officer?


As we all know, King Nagarjuna is one of the most handsome stars of Tollywood. Most importantly, his romantic hero image is unshakeable even today. It’d be an eye feast watching Nagarjuna’s romantic songs on screen.

However, Nagarjuna seems to be disappointing his women fans in his upcoming action entertainer Officer. According to the reports, the run time of the film is locked just to 100 minutes ( 1 hour and 40 minutes). Besides, no single song is inducted in the film as RGV felt songs form obstacles for this film that runs with a racy screen play.

Nagarjuna will be seen as a serious police officer while newbie Maira Saren dons opposite to Nagarjuna. Currently, the film is on the final leg of its shoot and is being planned for a grand release on May 25.