Nag-RGV Pre Biz Worrying!


There appeared some hype and hoopla was created with the announcement of King Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma’s highly ambitious project. But then, going by the business trends at trade, nothing of that sort appeared to be happening.

As per reports, the film’s Hindi dubbing rights were sold out to just Rs.5 crores. The makers haven’t received fancy offers from US yet. However, well wishers of Nag and RGV felt if the teaser and title of the movie is disclosed, the situation would come in favour of the team.

It is a known news that the first look of the film has been postponed indefinitely due to the death of legendary actress Sridevi.

It is a known news that Nag and RGV collaborated fourth time post the release of Antham. The combo’s first film Shiva stood as a sleeper hit then. Ongoing film is said to be something like a sequel for Shiva.