Naga Shaurya vs Kona Venkat


It is quite common for actors and producers to change their mind according to the situation they are in.

If a hero is in flops, he may cancel a film that he accepted when he is in hits and take up a different film altogether which he believes will work.

On contrary, when he is in hits, he may not experiment too much and take up only those subjects that he feels will have a maximum chance to hit the bullseye for sure.

Kona Venkat, the famous writer and producer, decided to make a film with Naga Shaurya as hero with Sai Sriram as director.

Naga Shaurya signed the film but pushed it away to start a film in the direction of Srinivas Chakravarthy, Narthanasala. He talked about it with a lot of excitement.

But Kona Venkat slammed the actor for putting his movie aside. He said, “Did he (Naga Shaurya) not heard the script before signing? We told him about the story and how can he say he did not like the script now. With Chalo success his thought process has changed and before Chalo he is ok with the script and how come he is not now?”

Shankar Prasad father of Naga Shaurya responded and said, “Naga Shaurya waited for script from past two months. During the time Sai Sriram and Kona Venkat went to Vizag for another script. During the time of signing they did not give complete script and rather than doing a half baked script, he decided to do another film.”