Naga Shourya Continues His Negativity on Sai Pallavi


Naga-Shourya-and-Sai-PallavWhether Naga Shourya agrees to it or not, it’s the truth that his negative comments and statements on Sai Pallavi helped him to promote his movie more than the details and information on the movie.

The young hero says that he doesn’t need Sai Pallavi to promote his movie. If that is the case, he could have easily avoided her topic and given a diplomatic answer. When Sai Pallavi’s name was heard during the promotional interviews, some even checked the name of the heroine of Naga Shourya’s ‘Chalo’.

He may not agree to it. But, Sai Pallavi won immense craze by the virtue of ‘Fidaa’ and also her performance. When this craze is still intact, the mention of her name will definitely add some weight to get free publicity in her name. Anyway, his immature talk didn’t impress all.