Naga Shourya Unhappy With His Next Film?


Naga Shourya has been trying to find a good film that will give him another big market changing hit like Chalo for him to become a star.

But the hero seems to be hovered by script selection problems again and again. Two old movies of his released after Chalo, which became disasters.

Now, even Narthanasala also became a disaster on first day. So, Naga Shourya decided to take a look at the script of his next, it seems.

The buzz among the Industry is that the actor asked his director, Raja Kolusu to rework his script and come up with a tight, enjoyable one.

Bhavya Creations giving his objections importance, decided to postpone all release plans and hold the movie, it seems.

Well, Naga Shourya seems to be learning from all the mistakes, finally. We hope he delivers box office hits consistently.