Nagarjuna fire on Vinayak


Nagarjuna-fire-on-VinayakAkkineni Akhil debut film “Akhil” got postponed and Nagarjuna him self held a press meet and gave clarity that some graphic works are pending and this is causing the delay of this film. But as per inside talk, it was totally different and many say that Nagarjuna fired at Vinayak for this film. It was heard that Nagarjuna is unhappy with many scenes in this film and he was totally disappointed in Vinayak for being so irresponsible in taking this film.

Nagarjuna has ordered for remake of all those scenes that he is unsatisfied of and simple they covered it that graphic works are pending. Now this film is scheduled for a major retake of most of this film and many say that its going to take lot of time for all of those re-shoot to be completed. Looks like this film might not make it this year after all and might be possible for it to end up in Sankranthi race. Need to see if Vinayak will be successful at-least second time in satisfying Nagarjuna with this film.