Nagarjuna Giving Voice Over For Akhil?


NagarjunaWhenever they are in failures, our heroes come up with new strategies for their upcoming movies. They do so many experiments to impress the audience. If they get success then the movie will get promoted. Akkineni family is also doing the same for Akhil’s upcoming movie. After the miserable failure of his first movie ‘Akhil’, the hero is busy with ‘Hello’ movie under the direction of Vikram Kumar.

Akhil’s father Akkineni Nagarjuna took a break from the industry and has been looking after the movie works. The shooting is almost completed and the movie will come out as a Christmas gift. The makers even announced the release date is December 22nd. As per the rumors, Nagarjuna is giving his own voice and is releasing the teaser of the movie in November 3rd week.

Director Vikram Kumar is also planning to add Nagarjuna’s voice over in Hello teaser. Though the official details are yet to be known, doting father Nagarjuna has kept all his concentration on his son Akhil’s upcoming movie.